Prepare the Uniface 9 Application for Migration

Prepare your Uniface 9 application for migration to Uniface 10 to avoid migration issues and functional changes to your application.

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During migration to Uniface 10, Uniface will reject any part of an import if it detects non-migrated data coming from version 8.

  1. Compile your application definitions from the command line, using the latest Uniface 9.6 or 9.7 release.
  2. Review the compiler messages and correct any identified issues.

    The latest Uniface 9.7 release reports additional compiler warnings that indicate possible incompatibilities with Uniface 10:

    Warning: 1000Entry EntryName from model overwrites definition from component. In future Uniface versions, this will be reversed

  3. Determine whether to migrate Uniface 9 defaults to Uniface 10. For more information, see Migration of Uniface 9 Defaults.

    If necessary, correct your definitions to remove unnecessary dependencies to unused Include Procs.

  4. Run and test the migrated application in Uniface 9.

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